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MMBTZ45X HD Digital Measuring Microscope

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The MMBTZ45X is an all in one Digital Microscope. MMBTZ45X comes with a built in LED light and camera with cross hair. The user friendly interface allows you to take multiple measurements quick and easy. Useful in a variety of industries. Save data on a USB drive in excel format to work on a PC. Measurements and text will save on the picture. Perfect for training, education, precision welding, and observation.

  • 1 — Built in LED Ring Light
  • 1 — 1080P HDMI Monitor
  • Accuracy ± .002”
  • 7-50X Magnification
  • Automatic Edge Detection
  • 14 Different Measurements
  • Cross Hair
  • Live Video
  • Compact
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Take Pictures
  • Quick Measurement
  • USB Port
  • Ergonomic