MMBT Fine Wire Medical Braider FAQ

MMBT braiders employ Quiet Operation on a very Cost-effective platform. These State-of-the-Art machines employ an Intuitive Design, Easy Operation, High Output & are built to last using Heavy-Duty Aluminum, Stainless & Alloy steels. Horizontal or vertical carrier models offered : 16 | 24 | 32 | 48 | 64 | 72 | 96 | 144 | 288 . MMBT braiders deliver best in class braiding, with improved push ability, stiffness, torque response, flexibility, kink, and pressure resistance. Customizable accessories include: a triaxial kit, measuring camera options and die guides. Schedule a braider demo. Metro CAD, Inc | Mon - Fri 8 am to 4:30 pm | 763-595-7307

Final product range is 0.5mm to 50mm

Up to 600 picks/minute. Horn gears rotate at 300 rpm. Machine speed is variable can run as a % from 1 – 100%.

Yes. On the front of braider, lower left side, a bobbin winder is included for your convenience. A pair of adjustable sensors and adjustable traversing arm speed allow for perfect wraps on your bobbins. Bobbin can be wound while Braider is in production.

Yes, with an accessory package. The number of triaxials is up to half the number of carriers of your braider.

We create Horizontal, and Vertical, Single Head, Maypole type fine wire circular systems.

We utilize a non-contact auto-stop device for detecting empty bobbins or wire breaks. Our competitors use a physical contact method which is noisy. Also, our traversing carriers are supported by an additional shoulder for smoother travel.

Dimensions are 2500x1300x1600mm. Weight is 500Kg. (98.5” x 51” x 63". Weight 1102 lbs.) Drive system are two, 0.45KW 3 phase 220V Servo Motors.

Extremely intuitive HMI (human machine interface) with an easy-to-follow menu system.

Both solid mandrels and flexible core materials can be used. Also some customers braid products with no core material

Both solid mandrels and flexible core materials can be used. Also some customers braid products with no core material

We sell microscopes and as an accessory, we can install a digital scope with measuring capabilities to monitor braid angle, pick count, etc. On the fly. No need to stop production to take measurements with this modification.

Yes, up to 10 segments can be programmed in one recipe, allowing for different PPI for each of the 10 segments.

A vast amount of adjustment is possible from 10 – 900 grams. Each carrier has two springs, which can be swapped out in a multitude of size combinations.

Yes. Wire, Fiber of non-orthagonal shape.